Key Takeaways from Lookback Jr. Researcher Fellowship

These are the notes I’d taken during the Lookback Jr. Researcher Fellowship

#1 Researchers represent the truths, not the users.

UX Research stands for User Experience Research. Some researchers would name themselves as User Researcher. Look…don’t we all think UX Researchers are advocates for the users, or “the voice” of the users? That was the first slap in my face when Alec Levin said the statement above out loud at the beginning of our first session.

#2 Lift others up; Build trust

While researchers always spot opportunities for growth and come into meetings with actionable recommendations for improvement, it may be daunting for others on the team as plans may be disrupted, or more work is brought to the table.

#3 Communicate insights creatively

The impact of research relies heavily on the work of others. That said, it is of utmost importance to not only conduct good research but make your research to be heard and received by others. Presentation decks and reports? Yes, but boring…and they usually don’t stick in people’s minds!

#4 Be teachers, not oracles — democratize research

“Your job as a researcher is not to have all the answers; Your job is to help your organization make decisions correctly,” said Behzod Sirjani. Instead of overwhelming yourself with all the possible research that you can do for your organization, teach others and help them talk to customers directly.

#5 Own your superpowers; Reframe your stories

Researchers literally come from all walks of life. Oftentimes, we wish we walked the easy path to UXR; We hide the seemingly irrelevant experiences. But no, no time was wasted. Be it the skills that we built or the perspectives that we gained along the way, all of our experiences made us uniquely us.



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